Connecting Businesses to the Global Flow of Data


MobileXe is your partner for integrating mobile commerce, intelligent packaging, automation and wireless execution with your Planning and Supply Chain operations.  Our staff works with the Global 5000 industrial base to identify the realistic return on investment, as well as the limitations of enhancing your operations.

MobileXe works with your team to improve the performance of your manufacturing and supply chain operations.  We focus on improving the ergonomics of effectively executing everyday tasks performed by your workforce.  Our experience helps you extend the reach of warehouse execution and intelligent packaging to your suppliers and customers.

Our objective is to improve the performance of the workforce by reducing errors while improving the performance of your resources and people.  We are convinced that the worker is invaluable and a successful organization knows it!

MobileXe Services

MobileXe provides cost-effective services that help you modernize your business- faster!

  • Assessment and Analysis

    MobileXe works to discover how your business processes would benefit by integrating your execution operations with your planning systems.  We assess your current systems, since many clients have radio frequency and bar code systems or similar systems already in place.  We analyze the effectiveness of your operations, and look for additional benefits and cost reduction opportunities

  • Project and Solution Definition

    MobileXe can develop a project plan and its definitive parts in concert with your team or as a lead resource.   Essentially, our goal is to define the requirements for each phase of the project, paying particular attention to align the automation/execution requirements with your existing planning systems which govern the flow of business information.  Our objective is to help key managers establish realistic objectives and solid metrics for their project.

  • Solution Implementation

    Our next step is to help you mobilize your workforce by implementing a robust solution that achieves your business’s objectives.  We may proceed by initiating a “center of excellence,” which is similar to a conference room pilot, “production pilot” or a “sand box” depending on your previous implementation methodology .  In cases where the business justification warrants a full scale implementation, we jointly focus resources on quickly  implementing a fully functional solution.

  • User Education, Training and Acceptance

    The most critical component of every implementation is often overlooked due to pressures of the business and its operations.  MobileXe considers the well educated and trained workforce to be the most critical element for achieving your objectives and returning value to your investors. Our staff works with every user to educate, train and reinforce the user’s role in achieving a successful project.   This basic approach is simple, but many client’s lack the commitment or the resources necessary to succeed in helping your workforce adjust to the changes.

  • Production Empowerment

    We empower your workforce to succeed in implementing a robust, easy to understand, wireless execution system that enhances the business processes.  We have seen too many systems that detract from the job at hand to keep the firm’s business running smoothly and without cumbersome data collection processes.  We seek continuous improvement by helping your staff work through the go-live issues, working to resolve both the simple and complex problems, and we view this as a team effort.

  • Value Delivered

    Together, we work to unlock the promised value by working with the workforce to reinforce the business processes and resolve training issues.  As part of our hands on role we can independently quantify the value and document the return on capital and investment.  Our focus is to continuously improve on the processes while collecting the data to confirm results and metrics.