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Scale & Yard Management

Harvest to Consumer Traceability

Traceability starts in the field or ranch, with tools that records the grower’s harvest. Growers and Processors are keen on quickly moving produce from the field to the processing plant, with 100% traceability! MobileXe’s harvest and scale tools quickly record bin, carton, container or trailer loads. The key is to process a receipt fast. A trailer and cab can pass through a scale in under three minutes. Minimizing wait times, and queues, while maximizing asset utilization.

Grower Portal Data

The Scale House is the chock point for many processors.  The scale is critical for capturing weights, grower lots and USDA sample data in order to trace, then protect the supply chain to the consumer.   A combination of RFID, Barcode, Vision and Wireless technology records each grower’s load.  Growers and Processors have immediate access to each receipt via a customized “Grower Portal”.   Growers get feedback fast, in minutes, then receive inspection and yield data after USDA and Samples via emails and the “Grower Portal”.

Produce Traceability Initiative

In summary, the weigh master, receives a load fast which starts the downstream events critical to Product Safety Initiative.  In the event of a “Campaign”, our tools provide the traceability back to the ranch or grower.  Track it from field to consumer or partners.

MobileXe’s Scale House Manager brings all the pieces into a data repository

  • Links grower labels and forms to each load.
  • Tracks Cab, Operator, Trailer and Bin RFID tags.
  • The software supports an assortment of RFID tags: Metal Trailer, Poly Bin, Paper, Windshield and Badges tags.
  • The system prints weigh master documents that capture tare, gross, net weights, license plates, company and driver.
  • Scale House Manager prints PIT or downstream documents for sample and USDA procedures.
  • An important feature is the Receiving Transaction Ticket.  A document containing key grower and delivery data.
  • Scale House Manager feeds data to the Grower Portal, thus keeping the grower up-to-date on each load and all loads.
  • License plate recognition and vision cameras are an optional security feature.
  • Inbound drop off and outbound trailer pickup has RFID and Windshield yard gate interfaces.  Controlling Access 24/7.
  • Plus proven applications interfaces to 3rd party GRPS and Satellite GPS tracking sites when Broadband is unavailable.
  • Optional Bing and Google interface for maps.

Our solutions leverage industry standard technology to track and trace your harvest to the processing plant.