Connecting Businesses to the Global Flow of Data

Seamless Automation

Integrate process data across systems

MobileXe integrates people, processes and automation into a seamless solution.  Our solutions communicate and share events across platforms.   Traditional Material Handling equipment doesn’t share data,  it improves productivity, yet functions as stand alone islands.

Today’s material handling systems have the ability to share equipment events across the Enterprise.

These are a few examples how proven changes in the warehouse save time and keep the enterprise up-to-date on key events.

Sorting Shipment from Suppliers

  • Receive and sort cargo containers with multiple purchase orders and hundreds of randomly stacked products
    • Scan and read SGTIN or SSCC labels on the cartons
    • Sort to assigned lanes by item, or purchase order
    • Count the cartons, and optionally weigh cartons if appropriate
    • Cull out the damage or wet cartons to divert lane using vision inspection
    • Print pallet labels on demand with robotic palletizers
    • Update the enterprise systems with accurate data using the equipment’s services

Recording & Managing Customer Returns

  • Automate the returns flow sorting packages to work cells
    • Scan and capture the tracking number without human intervention
    • Record the receipt data; item, weight, damage, and quantity  (color, size and style) using vision cameras & scales
    • Process an enterprise RMA update with minimal human intervention

Reducing Chargebacks & Missing Item

  • The Vision Camera records images of the items in carton is records
  • A scale prior to in line applicator verifies weight for each carton or package
  • The applicator applies the correct ship label and format per the customer order
  • Exception labels print if any errors or cancellation events are found
  • A barcode camera scanner reads a tracking number, properly sorts by ship method
    • End-User customer gets an email with a ship notice and tracking number within seconds
    • The order status updates to ready to ship, and triggers an invoice or confirmation
  • Enterprise receives tracking number and order notifications for each package or carton
  • Customer receives Advance Ship Notice or EDI with Expected Arrival Date