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CMx – Warehouse Execution System

Fast & Reliable Warehouse Execution Systems

MobileXe integrates people, processes and automation into a seamless solution.  Our solutions communicate and share events across platforms.   Our modular CMx warehouse execution system links the warehouse operations with inventory & order management systems.

CMx automation solutions manage both inbound and outbound product movements, including returns processing.

A Warehouse Execution System (WES) extends traditional Warehouse Management System (WMS) capabilities.   WES solutions add automation equipment to WMS processes.

  • Conveyors for distributing totes and cartons to available pack stations
  • Sortation of packages by ship methods ( Ground, Next Day, LTL, USPS Mail Innovations )
  • Ship method time & cost rules with interfaces to FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, LTL to reduce shipment charges
  • Voice Picking using headsets and handhelds to improve pick speed
  • Inbound conveyor sortation of cargo containers by item, sales or purchase order
  • Robotic palletizers of cases from production or sortation conveyors
  • Scales for validating package or carton weights
  • Vision cameras for proof of delivery on shipments or receipts
  • In Line scales for weight confirmation and picking errors
  • Cube systems for reducing charges on dimensional shipping using UPS & FedEx
  • In line print and apply labeling systems for faster package handling
  • Quality inspection and error processing work areas
  • RFID and Barcode tracking at multiple decision points
  • RFID tunnels, portals and kitting devices for faster execution
  • Supplier Source Inspection using Android or Apple Tablets
  • Plus proven applications interfaces to ERP & Website suppliers

Our solutions leverage your existing ecommerce and supply chain processes and investments.  We speed up the processing using material handling equipment.  We integrate scales, applicators, sortation, inspection and dimensional sizing.  Each one a modular component.


Automation speeds the flow of products through the warehouse.  MobileXe addresses both Inbound and Outbound Orders flow through the supply chain, providing today’s best practices and automation.