Connecting Businesses to the Global Flow of Data

Custom Solutions

  • Tailor Business Processes

    MobileXe develops process interfaces that enhance the logistics WES operations.  Often our client needs a user experience or system interface to optimize the business processes.  Simple web or tablet applets inform users of receiving issues and quantity status.  An example is counting the cartons against an ASN receipt, recording each GTIN (STGIN), updating the ASN carton counts, and displaying any issues.  The goal is fast, accurate, container or pallet receipts using automation (conveyor and barcode scanners).


    We design and build tablet, phone, web, computer, and OPC applets that link people, devices, equipment, machinery, and robots to the top floor management systems.

  • Solution Design Study- Pilot

    MobileXe can develop a project plan and its definitive parts in concert with your team.  We often suggest a Solution Design Study, and a pilot program to ensure the work processes are sound, the interfaces are appropriate and the value proposition exists.  Smaller upfront steps, including prototyping the user experience, helps deliver the most effective tools at the lowest initial cost.

  • Solution Implementation

    Our next step is to help you mobilize your workforce by implementing a robust solution that achieves your business’s objectives. We may proceed by initiating  a  “conference room pilot, “pre-production pilot” or a “sand box” depending on your previous implementation methodology. In cases where the business justification warrants a full scale implementation, we jointly focus resources on quickly implementing a solution.

  • User Education, Training and Acceptance

    Most implementations overlook pre-production and production support due to time constraints.  MobileXe considers education and training of the workforce to be a critical element for achieving your objectives and returning value. Our staff works with every user to educate, train and reinforce the user’s role in achieving a successful project. This basic approach is simple, spend time to train and educate associates.  MobileXe makes the acceptance process a component tied to usability in day to day operations.

  • Production Empowerment

    We empower your workforce to succeed by implementing a robust, easy to understand, execution system that enhances the business processes. We build simple user interfaces that keep the firm’s business running smoothly and augment cumbersome ERP centric processes. We seek continuous improvement by helping your staff work through the go-live issues, working to resolve both the simple and complex problems.

  • Value

    Together, we work to unlock value by working with the workforce to reinforce the business processes and resolve training issues. MobileXe quantifies the value and documents the return on investment. Our focus is to continuously improve on the processes while collecting the data to confirm results and deliver on the metrics.