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RFID Compliance & Tracking

Enabling Fast & Accurate RFID Execution

RFID speeds transactions and extends the  range for gathering asset or item movements within your supply change or just in a section of the warehouse.  We have over 130 RFID clients, around the globe, tracking and controlling asset movements or complying with DoD or Retail mandates.  Our RFID solution augment a Warehouse Execution System (WES) by complimenting  traditional barcode centric Warehouse Management System (WMS) capabilities.   MobileXe RFID solutions add mass event collection and filtering equipment to the WMS process logic.

  • RFID tunnels for Conveyors to verify content and parcel manifest. Thus eliminating visual counts or QC carton checks.
  • Item returns without opening cartons at the receiving dock.  Faster invoice credits and a better consumer experience.
  • Garment or Apparel SGTIN Electronic Product code compatible RFID readers.  A package of industry compliant solutions.
  • Support for LLRP cross reader protocol. Ensures multi-brand equipment options and best-of breed selection process.
  • Selection of RAIN® community Readers, Tags and equipment.  Industry standard protocols and supplies.
  • MobileXe builds custom dock and door portals, or can resell 3rd party portals.  High performance antenna array.
  • Yard, Scale and Gate software controls (GPS, GRPS, RFID) cab, trailer, and yard dogs.  Securing premises and high vale assets
  • RFID trailer Scale Harvest tools.  Decrease in time to receive loads with 100% accuracy to field and grower.
  • Available Pharma specific medical or bio carton or package insertion.  High value pack verification to BoM structures
  • RFID integration to weigh checkers or parcel scales for validating package or carton weights.
  • RFID and Vision cameras for proof on shipments or receipts.
  • RFID and Barcode tracking at multiple decision points, including diverts or sortation.
  • RFID tunnels, portals and kitting devices for faster execution.
  • Printing and encoding at Source-  RFID labeling applets support tag creation and Cloud ONS data at manufacturer
  • Plus proven applications interfaces to ERP, WMS & Website suppliers.
  • Today’s EPC 915 MHZ tags have read distances from  a few mm to over 12 meters.  Distance varies by physical constraints.

Our solutions leverage your investments.  We speed up processing product movements using RFID.  We design portals and scan points to fit you existing conveyors, work areas, or process checks.

RFID speeds the flow of products through the warehouse.  MobileXe addresses both Inbound and Outbound Orders flow through the supply chain, providing today’s best industry standard RFID tools and automation.

Industries using RFID Technology

  • Warehouse Logistics and Execution for tote and parcel conveyance
  • Publishing for anti-counterfeiting and channel compliance
  • Apparel and Consumer Goods supplied to major retailers, inventory and self check-out
  • Pharmaceuticals, Bio and Medical device  manufactures for traceability and some implants
  • Agriculture, Trucking and Transportation to control asset usage and sharing of resources during harvest
  • Supplier sourcing or high value resale items to reduce counterfeiting and un-authorized diversion
  • Airline, Railroads, Government container, cargo or baggage tracking