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Inbound and Outbound Sortation

Inbound & Outbound order sortation conveyors. Barcode scanning of license plates, tracking numbers, GTIN, with interfaces to Program Logic Controllers. Picture shows medium speed eleven lane sorter. Equipment sorts cases by customer order.


Peel & Reveal Print-n-Apply

Verify contents using RFID item tags, then print a return or error label. If verification logic passes, a Peel and Reveal oversized FedEx or UPS label covers the return labels.
This process is also ideal for higher volume print and apply lines, where through-put requires more than one applicator.
It works well for different size labels on one carton, including HazMat, temperature or packing/delivery instructions.


Portable Labeling Solutions

Our clients often need a point solution for a specific client. An example is a Wal-Mart, Target or Amazon specific SSCC labels. The same product ships to many customers, and each customer has its own validation rules, label format,s and variables like DC or Wal-Mart item numbers.  We build simple very low cost Print-n-Apply systems.  An integrated system that reviews the pick confirmation, counts each item by GTIN and lot, then registers the each label using a camera. The result is 100% accurate shipments with labels specific to the clients carton marking standards.  Plus ASN, EDI, WMS updates and email confirmations.


MobileXe designs and builds RFID portals

Many clients require equipment that fits an existing area, process flow or a specific requirement.  Our team can fabricate conveyors, RFID portals, and OPC interfaces.  Our engineers have many years of experience across verticals.  Your design or idea can be a reality in a short period of time.