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Intelligent Supply Chain Solutions

Logistics & Automation

MobileXe provides the tools that automate the supply chain, from your supplier’s dock doors to the consumer.  MobileXe builds bridges between intelligent equipment and the order management systems.   Our tools track and trace products, recording movements and managing process flows, in the warehouse, or the plant.   We focus on augmenting your existing investments, adding Warehouse Execution and Controls, where appropriate.   We help our clients integrate industrial equipment to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our Process


MobileXe helps our clients apply the correct level of automation.   Our strength, is our ability to evaluate, investigate and compare the best components from industry leading suppliers.  We introduce your team to the top global suppliers.   We offer our clients the opportunity to learn from other successful implementations.  Our clients often need help developing requirements and requesting proposals.


MobileXe takes a simple approach to ensure value for our customers.  Our primary objective is calculating a justifiable ROI prior to moving forward on any project.   Yet, today’s business environments are adopting to omni-directional supply chains.  E-commerce (webstores), Electronic Data Exchange, same and next day deliveries.  These fast pace changes are pressuring the traditional method of justification.  Warehouse Execution with ties to robotics and conveyors (control systems) are often a matter of survival for the business.  Fast and efficient warehouse operations are critical investments for the business.


MobileXe has a repository of ready-built software Warehouse Execution (WES) and Controls (WCS).  Standard industry connectors (Open Platform Communications and Ethernet Bridges) work with off-the-shelf components, already proven in production environments.  If necessary, we customize the bridges to fit the customer’s needs.  MobileXe is proud to offer clients a robust solution that meets their specific requirements.


We provide services for achieving the objectives of the project.  We work with multiple vendors, executing the plans in order to realize the benefits.  Reaching the end point often takes months of planning, and work beyond the daily tasks of the business.  Our hands-on approach ensures our client’s satisfaction with the entire project, not just MobileXe’s components.

Our Value

Focus on improvements

Our emphasis is on creating warehouse automation solutions and integrating them into existing systems, fast and efficiently.  We leverage current investments and business rules to reduce the time and effort.  For our customers, this translates into measurable improvements in reliability, accuracy, and efficiency at each point along the supply chain.