Connecting Businesses to the Global Flow of Data

Import / Export Compliance

Onsite Source Inspection & Compliance Web Portals

Consumer & Trading Partner Protection

MobileXe’s web cloud portals protect your brand, limit liability and enhance your customer facing reputation with major retailers.  Our portal solutions link the overseas sources, from first article inspection through broker on boarding at the vessel.  We augment or replace your existing systems with a simple, yet effective supply chain tracking solution.  We use both RFID and Bar Code SGTIN & SSCC serial tracking technology.  Our anti-counterfeiting technology ensures source inspection compliance with CPSIA – GCC at the source.

Onsite Supplier Inspection

MobileXe’s label generation solutions provide UPC, SGTIN, Carton, SSCC Pallet and Certification documents.   We cover on premise inspection in oversea factories using Android or IOS tablets.   Our portal & tablet applets use built in cameras and interfaces to your Purchase orders and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) databases.  Inspect at the source not at you receiving dock door.

Your Quality Agent can download the inspection criteria from a PLM database, link it to the purchase order,  schedule shipment, and then source inspect first article, capturing images of any issues or defects, prior to release for shipment.   If everything passes (SPC), CSPIA certification documents are signed and sent to your cloud or on premise portal.

Supplier Traceability- Lot, Serial, SGTIN, SSCC, EPC

Now the supplier can print labels for pieces, cartons and pallets advising you of delivery times, quantities available to ship, vessel booking and transit times to the port.

Local supplier language like mandarin or simplified Chinese ensure ease of use.  We support on-line and batch as mainland china limits external access to the world wide web.